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: to be sure about (someone or something) : to trust (someone or something) The manufacturer promises quality you can depend on. She will be remembered as a woman upon whom people could depend. sometimes used humorously I can always depend on it to rain on days when I forget my umbrella. Example Sentences

to trust someone or something and know that that person or thing will help you or do what you want or expect him, her, or it to do: You can always depend on Michael in a crisis. [ + to infinitive ] I'm depending on you to keep your promise. [ + -ing verb ] You can't always depend on flights arriv ing on time.

verb [ I ] uk / dɪˈpend / us / dɪˈpend / B1 to be decided by or to change according to the stated thing: Whether or not we go to Mexico for our holiday depends on the cost. [ + question word ] I might go to the cinema tomorrow - it depends what time I get home from work. it (all) depends B1 informal it is not decided yet:

verb Definition of depending (on) present participle of depend (on) as in relying (on) Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance relying (on) going (to) turning (to) referring (to) utilizing using employing resorting (to) consulting Thesaurus Entries Near depending (on) depending depending (on) depending (on or upon) See More Nearby Entries

depending meaning: 1. present participle of depend 2. to be decided by or to change according to the stated thing: 3…. Learn more.

Definition of 'depending on sth' depending on sth phrase You use depending on when you are saying that something varies according to the circumstances mentioned . I tend to have a different answer, depending on the family.

1 : to be determined, based, or contingent (see contingent entry 1 sense 1) life depends on food the value of Y depends on X 2 : to be pending or undecided matters of greatest moment were depending John Milton 3 a : to place reliance or trust you can depend on me b : to be dependent especially for financial support

What is the intended meaning? half-hour allotments for commuting time to meetings only if the meeting is a morning meeting, and from meetings, only if the meeting is an afternoon meeting, so that you would not be alloted a half-hour for returning from a meeting that ended at, say, 11:15AM? - Tᴚoɯɐuo Aug 13, 2018 at 15:33 Add a comment 2 Answers

Use depending when the word begins a dependent clause. This means that the sentence already has a separate subject and main verb, and the dependent clause only adds some extra information: We're thinking about going to the beach, depending on the weather. (subject = we; main verb = are thinking)

What is another word for depending on? Need from our Contexts Adjective Based on or contingent upon a given condition Not complete or absolute Preposition … more Adjective Based on or contingent upon a given condition subject to based on controlled by determined by regulated by contingent upon conditioned upon according to contingent on

adj. contingent upon synonyms for depending on Compare Synonyms conditional contingent controlled by determined by provided providing regulated by subject to Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.

Synonyms for DEPENDING (ON OR UPON): waiting (for), counting (on or upon), relying (on or upon), watching (for), hoping (for), banking on, expecting, awaiting; Antonyms of DEPENDING (ON OR UPON): questioning, doubting

depending on: 1 adj determined by conditions or circumstances that follow Synonyms: contingent , contingent on , contingent upon , dependant on , dependant upon , dependent on , dependent upon conditional imposing or depending on or containing a condition

verb Definition of depending present participle of depend 1 as in basing to be determined by, based on, or subject (to) whether or not we play baseball will depend on how much rain we get Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance basing turning riding resting hanging hinging staying establishing founding grounding 2 as in relying

Some examples from the web: Depending on circumstances, it may be desirable high or low friction.; Depending on circumstances, it benefits the extreme right to the radical left and even political UFOs.; Either may be used, according to personal preference or depending on circumstances.; When transfers are made which fall under paragraphs 1 to 4, the Member States may retain part of the ...

"Dependent on" works well when a person or thing requires the support of another thing to function correctly. Usually, "dependent" things are incapable of surviving or progressing on their own. Examples Of How To Use "Dependent Upon" In A Sentence "Dependent upon" is identical to "dependent on."

Depending on provocation—any or none. 23 8 I have thousands of lives depending on my decisions. 21 8 Fire can be good or evil, depending on where it comes from. 20 10 Naw. Jeff would hit all of the districts a few times a year, spend two, sometimes three days depending on the need. 15 5

Related WordsSynonymsLegend: Switch to new thesaurus Adj. 1. depending on - determined by conditions or circumstances that follow; "arms sales contingent on the approval of congress" contingent on, contingent upon, dependant on, dependant upon, dependent on, dependent upon, contingent conditional - imposing or depending on or containing a condition; "conditional acceptance of the terms"; "lent ...

conceivably. feasibly. mayhap. perchance. reasonably. imaginably. as the case may be. for all one knows. "It's strange how inanimate objects can resonate with different emotions depending on the situation in which they are viewed.".

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This situation is highly unstable. The number of EU students has plummeted by more than half since Brexit. International students pay between £10,000 and £38,000 a year - the highest fees in ...

Depending on the proposal the state ultimately adopts, Californians making more than $180,000 a year could end up paying an average of $500 more on their annual electricity bills, while the lowest ...

Millennials and Gen Z say the economy is still making them depend on their parents for a place to live and to pay their bills. BY Chloe Berger. May 25, 2023, 7:53 AM PDT. Gen Z and millennials ...

The United States is taking an analytical approach to its review of whether to keep tariffs on Chinese goods in place and will not base outcomes on any "breakthrough" in U.S.-China trade relations ...

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