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Olfaction in dogs is crucial for gathering important information about the environment, recognizing individuals, making decisions, and learning. It is far more specialized and sensitive than humans' sense of smell. ... Behavior, and Possibilities for Practical Applications Animals (Basel). 2021 Aug 21;11(8):2463. doi: 10.3390/ani11082463.

Bladder cancer (BC) constitutes approximately 2% of all spontaneously occurring cancers in dogs. It is characterized by a devastating clinical course in most cases, which emphasizes a constant need for the development of novel methods of disease characterization and treatment. Over the past years, advances in cell engineering have resulted in the development of various canine in vitro models ...

Over the last 10 years, there has been growing scientific investment to better understand all aspects of working dog genetics, rearing, training, and functional performance in areas as diverse as scent detection, therapy, mobility, and safety with a view to improving canine performance, welfare, and program efficiencies [ ( 7 - 11 )].

Companion animals, especially dogs, are valuable species for overcoming many of these barriers, as dogs develop spontaneous tumors in the setting of an intact immune system, and the genetic and epigenetic factors that underlie oncogenesis appear to be similar between dogs and humans.

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For most dog breeders, the highly experienced and novice alike, genetics can be both a confusing and intimidating topic. This article is intended to dispel some of the more commonly held misconceptions about the practical application of canine genetics, and offer some simplified explanations which will hopefully help the average guy (or gal ...

The applications of TADs in canine transpositions. Tooth transpositions are relatively rare, and unless x-rays are obtained, they may go unnoticed until teeth begin to erupt. The prevalence, possible etiologies, and clinical considerations for different treatment options are reviewed in various classifications of canine transpositions.

Therapeutic Applications of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Canine Diseases Mudasir Bashir Gugjoo, Amarpal, A. C. Saxena, Rohit Kumar, P. Kinjavdekar, A. M. Pawde & G. Taru Sharma Chapter First Online: 05 February 2022 224 Accesses Abstract The invention of mesenchymal stem cells has opened new prospects in regenerative medicine.

Companion animals, especially dogs, are valuable species for overcoming many of these barriers, as dogs develop spontaneous tumors in the setting of an intact immune system, and the genetic and epigenetic factors that underlie oncogenesis appear to be similar between dogs and humans.

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models of canine BC, emerging as unique complements for in vivo research. In the present article, we aimed to review the available data on existing in vitro mod-els of canine BC as a tool in veterinary research, focusing primarily on their characteristics, potential applications in veterinary medicine, and advantages and disadvantages. To the

Mobility Assist Dog Ion Brings a Positive Charge to Carrie's Life. Carrie, who battles juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis, first applied to Can Do Canines while in college in the early 2000s. She was accepted for a Mobility Assist Dog, but with the stress of graduating, moving, finding a job, etc.,….

At the same time, society has also seen increasing applications of dogs incorporated into working roles including detection, hunting, herding, and protection ( 8, 9 ). In addition to these working roles, dogs have also been instrumental in supporting humans in other therapeutic ways.

Even though PET's application mainly focused on oncogenic diseases, there are also reports evaluating the use of PET in nononcologic applications such as for the staging of several canines and feline tumors, 69 detection of inflammation relates to neurologic disease, 70 and lameness evaluation in a dog. 68 Nowadays, orthopedic uses of PET ...

Like other books in the series, The Gray Dog Collection offers practitioners and educator's valuable considerations from the canine perspective, and makes recommendations for prerequisite training skill sets, prior to joining in the activity. Activities from over a decade of workshop contents and clinical application are included.

Simple Summary. Fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) is a newly adapted therapeutic approach in dogs. Although FMT produced a promising effect with little adverse events when treating various canine gastrointestinal disorders, safety concerns and lack of understanding regarding its therapeutic mechanisms are the main reasons limiting its wider application.

Steps to Apply for an Assistance Dog You've read about the five types of dogs we train and you decided you'd like to apply-that's great! Adding an assistance dog to your life is a huge commitment. While the benefits are many, there are many factors to consider to ensure that it is the right choice for you to get a service dog. These steps will help set appropriate expectations of what it ...

tion about practical applications of canine olfaction for humans. 2. Anatomy and Physiology of Canine Olfaction The canine olfactory system can recognize more smells than it has receptors for scent molecules, but olfactory receptors can have specific cross-reactions, building unique systems of patterns connected to different smells [4].

20 Jobs Dogs Perform Most people think of their dogs as companions, pets or even furry children. However dogs have been "employed" in a large variety of fields! These working canines certainly deserve recognition, as they have earned their treats. Weather they were helping humans, hunting or entertaining, dogs have held jobs for centuries.

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