K9 Crew does not charge participants a fee. The cost of K9 Crew to participants and their families is their commitment to the year-long program. The average cost to K9 Crew per participant is $500 per student per year. In an effort to make this program available to those that need it most, we use donations to offset.


Crew groups meet once weekly for two hours during the first six months of the program (typically on Saturday mornings). After six months, students are given the opportunity to observe and assist with Urban K9’s puppy and dog obedience classes with the potential to eventually teach segments of a class under the supervision of the trainer.


Some of the areas of education covered in the first six months are:

  • Dog handling safety
  • Responsible dog ownership & handling
  • Canine hygiene (bathing, nail trims, ear cleanings)
  • Canine first aid
  • Drive levels of different dogs
  • Dog obedience training

Upon successful completion of the year-long program, students will be given a certificate and will have the opportunity to volunteer with upcoming Crew groups.


How much does K9 Crew cost?

  • K9 Crew does not currently charge a fee for our program. Voluntary donations are suggested to help offset the operation costs (facility rent, dog boarding, dog food and treats, veterinary care, training gear) and keep the program running so that we can continue to positively impact the lives of teens in our community.

When does the next Crew group start and how do I sign my child up for the program?

  • If you think this program would be a good fit for your 12-16-year-old, call Kate at 701-799-6808 to schedule a 30-45-minute initial meeting. At the initial meeting, you and your child will meet Joe and Kate, as well as some of the dogs that your child may work with. This will be a good time for getting your questions answered and determining if K9 Crew is the right program for your child.
  • Complete the Registration Form and bring it with to your meeting.
  • Registered students are put on a waiting list until a Crew of 3-4 students is reached, at which point you will be notified of the start date.

What dogs will my child be working with?

  • Dogs are provided for training during classes by K9 Crew and Urban K9. There may be times that the trainer allows students to bring their own dogs, but that must be pre-approved by the trainer and the parent. The dogs that the kids work with during K9 crew vary in breed and temperament.